1. Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) – among other roles, the principal object of the Bank shall be to formulate and implement monetary policy directed to achieving and maintaining stability in the general level of prices
  2. Capital Markets Authority (CMA) – The CMA is therefore a regulating body charged with the prime responsibility of supervising, licensing and monitoring the activities of market intermediaries, including the stock exchange and the central depository and settlement system and all the other persons licensed under the Capital Markets Act
  3. Nairobi Securities Exchange – provides securities trading facility

Major Sources of Finance

  1. Development Bank of Kenya (DBK)
  2. East African Development Bank (EADB)
  3. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
  4. Eastern And Southern African Trade And Development Bank (PTA Bank)
  5. Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC)
  6. International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  7. Industrial Promotion Services Ltd (IPS)
  8. African Development Bank AFDB