Why you should register

Having your name registered in the population register kept by a Kenyan consulate or embassy abroad entitles you to benefit from the same services as those provided by local and regional authorities in Kenya, i.e. the management of your administrative file. Registering allows the embassy or consulate to assist you more efficiently when issuing an identity card, issuing consular certificates (e.g. residence certificates, registration certificates, certificates of nationality, cohabitation etc.). You may also participate in elections in Kenya.

Foreign nationals who are part of your family may also be entered in the relevant population registers. However, registration does not entitle them to obtain a consular identity card or a passport. If they require consular assistance, they should contact the office representing their country of origin.

By keeping your file up to date you will enable the embassy or consulate to help you more immediately, including in situations when you need emergency humanitarian aid (e.g. accidents, natural disasters, evacuations, and so on).

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