Kenyan Diaspora in Ethiopia

Kenyans in Ethiopia form a growing category of Kenya’s diaspora in the region.  They are organized around the “Wanainchi” (citizen) club which was founded by Kenyan residents in Ethiopia, in  2006.  Organised exclusively for charitable and social purposes only, the Wanainchi Club membership is open to all Kenyans in Ethiopia regardless of their religious, political, cultural or other affiliations:

Objectives of the Wanainchi Club are to:

  • To provide a forum where Kenyans residing in Ethiopia can interact and share the unique Kenyan cultural heritage in all its diversity;
  • To provide a forum for Kenyans living in Ethiopia to discuss and debate issues relating to initiatives undertaken by the government back home;
  • To welcome and provide orientation to Kenyans arriving to reside in Ethiopia; and
  • To assist members who suffer unforeseen hardships or difficulties.


To create an environment whereby Kenyans in Ethiopia come together to share their common and diverse heritage and to promote the ideals of their motherland.


Wanainchi Club seeks to promote understanding, co-operation, love and unity among Kenyans living in Ethiopia and in the spirit of Solidarity (Harambee) encourage and assist members who suffer misfortunes or unforeseen hardships.


  • Wanainchi Club manages a non-profit members club which is open to the Kenyans and friends on Saturdays from 5 pm to 11 pm.
  • Wanainchi Club aspires to create cultural awareness among young Kenyans (and interested foreigners) and offer Swahili classes to Kenyan living in Ethiopia.
  • It is managed by a committee that is elected every two years.


For all inquiries relating to Wanainchi club, contact them directly via

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