19th January 2022

Dear Mwananchi,

As we begin another exciting and New Year on behalf of the Wananchi Club Leadership team I wish you a very Happy New Year 2022, looking into the New Year with vigor.

Let me start by thanking you for your patience with us as we worked on the handing over process and ensuring the transition period is seamless. We are all aware of the challenges we have undergone over the last two years that has greatly impacted the management and interaction amongst the club members.

As we take up office we look forward to building and maintaining a momentum during the year, full of Hope, Love, Laughter, and Joy.

Our central priority will be to ensure that all the members interests and wellbeing are well-articulated and taken care of, to the best of our ability.  We are working closely with the Embassy to try and address some of the issues that are already known to most of us, based on our stay and experience living in Ethiopia.

Besides our usual business, in order to understand the needs of the members better, we have also come up with a quick survey, find on the link:


Please do take a minute to respond to the six important questions so that it can help us identify areas to work on and also guide us in strategically placing the club on a better footing.

Many of us are now back to Addis and in the coming days we should be able to provide proper guidelines regarding the opening on the club. We have great faith in our membership and I am sure we shall all work towards a better future of our club.

May the coming year be a better one for you in every sense. May the New Year be a year full of new dreams and hopes for you, new achievements, prosperity and peace to you all.

Wananchi Club

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