Interface with the UN-AU

Work with the UNECA revolves around the following thematic areas:

  • Trade, investment and industry
  • Infrastructure, including ITC etc.
  • Gender, youth and empowerment
  • Human rights, governance and institutional/legal issues, including APRM
  • Agriculture, environment and climate change issues
  • Migration, registration, international crimes, including terrorism, trafficking, etc


Work allocation relating to Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is organized around three structures, namely the summitry, the institutions’ divisions and the programme areas.

At the Summitry level, preparations happen within the framework of the Ambassadors Committee that advises the Executive Secretary, the Executive Council and the Head of State Summits.  Usually meetings take place on a need basis.

In addition to the Summitry, the mission also focuses attention on the following other areas:

  • Economic Cooperation and Social Development as guided by the IGAD Minimum Integration Plan.
  • Agriculture and Environment.
  • Peace and security.
  • Administration and Finance.

The mission also interacts with key IGAD Institutions and programmes that are hosted within Addis Ababa, namely:

  • IGAD Programme on Counter Terrorism
  • Infrastructure
  • Cross border Trade