Hosted in  Addis Ababa, the seat of Africa’s premier multilateral organization, the African Union, means the Kenyan mission is a critical interlocutor of Kenya’s Africa diplomacy. The Mission provides information and facilitation needed by Kenyan delegations and nationals who are on official and business visits to both Ethiopia and  Djibouti, where the Embassy is also accredited on a non-resident basis. To this end, the mission has prepared a protocol information guide, that we encourage all delegations to fill out and send to us before their arrival in Addis Ababa. Similarly, the Mission provides services to Missions with business and official engagements in Kenya. Through the provision of the following protocol services, the Mission strives to project Kenya’s mage internationally;

Diplomatic Protocol

There are twenty five (25) African, European and Asian Diplomatic Missions resident in Addis Ababa that are  accredited to Kenya on a non-resident basis. The Protocol department of the embassy therefore assists the Chief of Protocol in Nairobi through liaising with their missions in Addis Ababa with respect to diplomatic accreditation, channeling invitations, gifts and other diplomatic correspondences.

In addition, through the exchange of ideas, cultures and traditions, the Mission works towards fostering international goodwill and better understanding of Kenya  through providing the Diplomatic Community with information on the Kenyan people, customs, geography and institutions.

Ceremonials and Visits

Upon request from the Ministry Headquarters, the Mission, through its Mission Protocol plans, arranges and executes detailed programs from arrival to departure for visiting Government officials and other dignitaries. In conducting such protocol duties, and working with utmost attention to detail, the Mission plans, executes and supports several ceremonial and official functions where high-ranking Government officials including the President, Prime Minister, Vice President, the Chief Justice and the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Kenya are invited to participate in Ethiopia and/or Djibouti.

In this regard, although the Mission does not provide, it facilitates reservations for accommodation, transport and accreditation.

General Information

The Mission further provides general information about Addis Ababa and Ethiopia which includes advice on health, safety, climate, language, immigration, foreign currency and culture. When necessary and upon request, the Mission facilitates the hiring of professional Tour guides.