The Kenya Embassy Addis Ababa has embraced performance and result oriented management, which is being implemented within the framework of the performance contracting across the entire public service.  The mission has therefore signed a performance contract, as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commitment to deliver on Kenya’s foreign policy objectives.

In the light of this operational necessity, the mission seeks to entrench effective organizational processes; streamline administrative procedures; create effective employee resourcing and utilization processes; and to create an enabling work environment with adequate facilities, necessary for the enhancement of individual and organizational performance. The Embassy promotes a culture conducive for the entrenchment of the mission’s corporate values of professionalism, efficiency, respect, focus, effectiveness and teamwork; (PERFECT) and encourages conduct that is compliant with the Ministry Service Charter and Public Officers and Ethics Act.

At the mission level, this scope of work entails coordination of day to day operations to ensure that the responsibilities of human resources, finance, asset and supply chain management as well as security are aligned and executed with the expected efficiency and in compliance with public service regulations.  It also involves monitoring and evaluating the adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of key performance areas of operations as well as obtaining feedback from the staff and other clients, as a basis for continuous improvement and effectiveness of the embassy business processes, procedures and operations. It also involves staff performance appraisal, aimed at creating a competent staff establishment that is improving continuously in order to promote and advance the mandate of the Kenya Embassy in Addis Ababa.  As a means of this improvement, the mission also creates and facilitates opportunities for staff improvement and training, within and beyond the mission.

The provision of sound financial management as well as effective and efficient allocation of financial resources that comply with the public finance regulations is a key focus area of the Embassy. The mission undertakes a rigorous budget making process that seeks to accurately reflect the Embassy financial and resource needs in discharging its mandate.  The mission has also put in place controls to minimize wasteful expenditure and guarantee optimal utilization of Embassy resources and assets.

At the multilateral level, the institutional building team focuses on organizational effectiveness and efficiency within the various organizations that Kenya is a member of, and that it makes contributions to, in particular the African Union, IGAD and the Desert and Locust Control Organisation. This scope of work entails participating in processes that promote institutional development and capacity building as well as improved administrative and financial programmes. These activities are aimed at ensuring alignment between programmes, resources and visions as defined at the regional and continental levels, across board.  It also ensures that Kenya meets its obligations to these organizations and provides a dynamic link between the organizations and the various line ministries.