IGAD 19th Extra-ordinary Summit

On 25 November, 2011, IGAD convened the 19 Extra-ordinary Summit, in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  The summit reviewed the political and security situation in Somalia and received a brief from the AUC on the outstanding issues on the implementation of the CPA.

The summit noted that IGAD’s strength lay in its unity of purpose and its demonstrated ability to act swiftly and decisively, even in situations of immense risk as in Somalia, where Burundi and Ugandan troops continue to pay the ultimate price in the search for sustainable peace to that sisterly country.



The outcome of the summit comprised of strong consensus on the following issues:

  • The summit welcomed Kenya’s commitment to continue working with the TFG as well as the possibility of re-hatting of its troops.
  • The strong reaffirmation of the Djibouti Accord, Kampala Accord and Mogadishu road map as the only framework for guiding the political process in Somalia and urged the full implementation of this framework.
  • Underscored that the military action is a part/segment of the whole comprehensive solution, as defined and clarified by previous IGAD decisions on Somalia.  In this regard, agreed and urged that all contributions and efforts aimed at resolving the Somalia crisis must be designed to build the RFG and its institutions, as well as the Somalia security forces.
  • The summit reaffirmed that Kenya has no other agenda other assisting towards the security and sustainable peace of Somalia, welcomed the common understanding between Kenya and Somalia in this regard, and commended the willingness and readiness of Kenya to make the necessary sacrifices as well as its eagerness to work with the TFG through the local communities in the areas of its operation.
  • Expressed gratitude to Djibouti for its commitment to deploy upto 850 troops of its sons and daughters into Somalia and expressed the hope that AMISOM would incorporate them in the evolving framework.
  • Welcomed Ethiopia’s commitment to continue assisting in further consolidation of, and provision of all necessary assistance to, the TFG and AMISOM, as well as its firm confirmation that it is ready to make any required sacrifices in the search for peace and stability in Somalia.

On Outstanding Issues of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in the Sudan

The summit admitted the Republic of South Sudan to the IGAD family, bringing its membership to 8 Member States, although Eritrea has not yet returned to the fold of IGAD, having withdrawn its membership in 2006.

The summit received a brief from the AU commission on the outstanding issues of the CPA which indicated:

  • Deepening distrust between the Sudan and South Sudan – which poses a challenge to the attempts to resolve the outstanding issues of the CPA.
  • Escalating conflict in areas of Abyei, South Kordan and Blue Nile State
  • Concerted action by the AU High Level Panel to resolve post referendum issues – particularly on Economic and debt issues.

The summit mandated the chair to convene an Extra-Ordinary Session that would be dedicated to the question of the Sudan. This was necessitated by the need to have both principals to the CPA, President Bashir and President Kiir (both were not in attendance).

For the statement of H.E President Mwai Kibaki, go to Speeches and documents, and for the communiqué of the summit, see www.igad.org

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